The SMOG-MOBILE is built for rigorous industrial use, captures pollution “at source” – filters and returns the valuable heated air to the workshop. SMOG-MOBILE fume extraction units are easily wheeled to any factory location where fume extraction is needed. Units are available with electrostatic filtration elements or mechanical filtration elements. The advantage with electrostatic filters is that the filter elements are manufactured throughout of aluminium and require periodic cleaning only, not replacement i.e. no on-going filter cartridge replacement costs.

The SMOG RAMBLER arm/hood assembly, either one or two can be fitted, are completely flexible, self-supporting and easily positioned. 2m, 3m and 4m lengths are available. Units can be built for any electrical voltage. Nominal airflow – 1700 m3/hr Motor rating – 0.75kw Overall dimensions – 780 x 770 x 780mm high Weight – 96Kg Optional final activated carbon gas/odour filters available for all models. Optional low voltage spotlight for the hood.

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