The Model SE.6 SMOG-EATER is the smallest electrostatic air filter in the Horizon range. The Model SE.6.M is a similar sized unit with mechanical filters. Both units are provided with either brackets for wall mounting or can be provided on legs for floor standing. The SE.6 SMOG-EATER is ideally suited for linking together four/five Mini Rambler extraction arms e.g. solder fume extraction/filtration. The Model SE.6.M is fitted with a cartridge filter. Units are available for either 220/240 volts single phase 50 cycles or 380/440 volts three phase 50 cycles.

Optional pressure gauge available for Model SE.6.M to indicate when the filter requires cleaning/changing.

A central solder fume extraction/filtration system serving various bench mounted Mini-Ramblers can also be extended to include hoods/canopies overflow solder machines etc.

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