Heat exchangers

Our classic program of indirect and solar water heaters and solar systems has been expanded to include heat exchangers.
A valuable addition to our water heating product range which opens new opportunities in a market segment which Reflex has been serving for many years.
Our quality glass-lined water heaters are serving millions of households each day with uninterrupted hot water. Our water heaters are linked to space heating boilers to deliver hot water in hotels, sports accommodations, hospitals and various commercial applications.
reflex ‘longtherm’:
The compact, optimum price quality heat exchanger. Ideal for water heating applications, chilled water systems, industrial processes, solar and district heating systems.
reflex indirect water heaters:
Reflex is a strong name in the water heating industry. Our glass-lined tanks could be delivered with an internal heat exchanger (indirect fired) to be integrated in your space heating system or just as an isolated storage tank to be combined with plate heat exchanger (storage tank) to serve peak demands in a hot water installation.
reflex buffer tanks:
For storage of heating and cooling water.