Horizontal condensing hot air generators for indoor installation

The ENERGY-O series generators are the ideal solution for heating and controlled ventilation of medium / large areas, such as workshops, laboratories, industrial warehouses, warehouses, gyms, shopping centers, exhibition halls, theaters, places of worship, etc.


  • Ideal in case of limited height of the premises or for raised or suspended position, to avoid encumbrance on the ground.
  • Maximum energy efficiency and environmental comfort, thanks to power modulation and condensation operation at reduced thermal load.
  • Heat exchanger made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Very high yield ~ 103%.
  • Can be combined with gas or oil-blown air burners, with two-stage or modulating adjustment.
  • 8 models with thermal capacity from 20 to 1,090 kW and air flow from 4,600 to 71,000 m 3/ h.
  • Suitable for ducted or direct diffusion systems with delivery plenum (accessory).