Instant condensing hot air generators with flame modulation and variable air flow on two levels, for indoor installation

The DUO-MO series generators, available in 5 models from 115 to 600 kW, represent the best choice for modern and efficient hot air heating in medium / large areas, such as workshops, laboratories, industrial warehouses, warehouses, gyms, shopping centers, exhibition halls, theaters, and in particular places of worship.


  • Maximum energy efficiency, with operation always in condensation, even at maximum heat output.
  • Reduced consumption thanks to the exceptional thermal efficiency, between 102 and 108%.
  • Heat exchanger made entirely of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
  • Optimum regulation thanks to the modulating air blown gas burner, supplied complete with ramp, temperature probe and modulator.
  • Operation on two speeds, with maximum air flow for a quick heating of the served environment, with reduced air flow for a quieter and more comfortable maintenance of the desired thermal conditions.
  • Programmable remote control panel with room thermostat function supplied as standard.
  • 5 models with thermal capacity from 115 to 600 kW and air flow from 14,000 to 57,500 m 3/ h.
  • Suitable for ducted or direct diffusion systems with delivery plenum (accessory).